The goals of these 3 different awareness workshops are to:

  • Inform, inspire and give hands-on tools to start making a difference at the workplace by having more awareness & paying more attention to the teams‘ happiness.
  • Spread the strategy of “happiness at work” step by step

Happitude at work designed 3 different awareness workshops depending on the group’s needs and the target audience:

Lunch & Learn Workshop

-> Get inspired and understand why happy employees are the key to success. Employees will gain basic knowledge and practical tools to start making a difference at the workplace

45min to 1h during lunch time
Ideal for teams / all level employees

Leading with Happiness Workshop

-> This workshop gives leaders the knowledge and tools they need to make their employees happier and more productive.

Studies clearly show that leadership have a huge influence on happiness at work.

Having the leaders sharing their point of view, their challenges and brainstorming together on how to increase the performance of their teams through their happiness will be a crucial step to a culture of high performance and trust.

1h30 / half day / full day

Performance or Happiness? Success requires both

-> Understand why happiness at work is crucial, start implementing the tools to bring more happiness and performance in teams

After this interactive workshop, the employees will leave with the knowledge and new tips on how to make their work a happier workplace. Happiness at work starts on an individual level: if we all contribute to it, we will impact others in a positive way.

1h30 / half day / full day
Teams / all level employees


The duration of all workshops can be customized. Happitude at work will adapt the workshop content depending on the time available.

The workshops will be designed depending on your needs, goals and interests. Different topics related to happiness at work can be addressed.

The crucial step for a true belief in the concept of “happiness at work” is a factual and scientific understanding of what humans need to be happy and how more happiness at work can be beneficial for your teams and your company as a whole. 

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