Aurelie is either organising events on the topic of happiness at work or invited as a speaker¬†to spread her message on the importance of more happiness in the workplace to increase companies’ performance.

Workshop @ Shake Up The Workplace
March 9. 2020 – Zurich

Happiness Leader Course

March 20. Zurich


Speaker @ Hacking HR

Oct. 24. 2019 – Zurich

Speaker @ International Happiness at Work Summit
Warsaw, Poland

Sept. 26. 2019 – Warsaw

Workshop @ International Week of Happiness at work in Switzerland

Sept. 23. 2019 – Geneva
17:30 – 18:30

Lunch & Learn Session @ Birdhaus Social Club

Sept. 16. 2019 – Zurich
12:00 – 13:00

Speaker @ FUN. Basel

May 2. 2019 – Basel

From happiness at work to performance: a hands-on workshop
BarCamp-Sessions @ Campaigning Summit Switzerland 2019

April 5. 2019 – Zurich

Happitude at work will host one of the BarCamp Sessions during the Campaigning Summit 2019.
Let’s brainstorm together to discover hands-on solutions that we can easily implement the next day in order to bring more happiness into your working environment.

Performance or happiness? Success requires both!
Workshop Leader @ PWG-Tamedia Conference

March 30. 2019 – Zurich

Happitude at work will host one of the workshops at the PWG-Tamedia Full day Conference.
You will leave this workshop with lots of new ideas and inspiration on how you and your colleagues can foster a culture of trust, engagement and productivity.

Happiness at work for yourself
& your team
by Aurelie Litynski & Elodie Caucigh

Discover how to increase your happiness at work on a short & long term & learn simple well-being tools to use at your desk.

NOV 12, 2018 – Zurich

Speaker @ AWE Summit

“Turning challenges at work into happiness at work”
Discover how Aurelie turned frustration into a structured process to bring happiness back into the work environment and increase performance.

OCT. 27th 2018 – Zurich

Speaker @ Swiss Entrepreneurs Expo

“From Idea to Action”
Aurelie will share her experiences on how she turned her passion and business idea into action.

SEPT. 2nd 2018 – Zurich

Presentation & Workshop
by Aurelie Litynski

“Happiness at work – Why & How?”
Get inspired and learn more on how to increase happiness at work for yourself and your team members.

MAY 15, 2018 – Zurich