Aurelie organizes events on the topic of happiness at work or she can be an invited speaker to your event, focusing her message on the value of happiness in the workplace and how it can increase performance.

Online Happiness Leader Course
March 2021

More info coming soon

Speaker @ Disrupt HR
HR Innovation Campus
March 4. 2021


Workshop @ Shake Up The Workplace
October 19. 2020 – Zurich

Happiness Leader Course

August 21. Zurich

Live-Webinar with Virgin Pulse

Sept. 15. 2020

Live-Webinar with XING SCHWEIZ
July 14. 2020

“How to Boost your Happiness at Work in Challenging Times?”

Speaker @ Hacking HR

Oct. 24. 2019 – Zurich

Speaker @ International Happiness at Work Summit
Warsaw, Poland

Sept. 26. 2019 – Warsaw

Workshop @ International Week of Happiness at work in Switzerland

Sept. 23. 2019 – Geneva
17:30 – 18:30

Lunch & Learn Session @ Birdhaus Social Club

Sept. 16. 2019 – Zurich
12:00 – 13:00

Speaker @ FUN. Basel

May 2. 2019 – Basel

From happiness at work to performance: a hands-on workshop
BarCamp-Sessions @ Campaigning Summit Switzerland 2019

April 5. 2019 – Zurich

Happitude at work will host one of the BarCamp Sessions during the Campaigning Summit 2019.
Let’s brainstorm together to discover hands-on solutions that we can easily implement the next day in order to bring more happiness into your working environment.

Performance or happiness? Success requires both!
Workshop Leader @ PWG-Tamedia Conference

March 30. 2019 – Zurich

Happitude at work will host one of the workshops at the PWG-Tamedia Full day Conference.
You will leave this workshop with lots of new ideas and inspiration on how you and your colleagues can foster a culture of trust, engagement and productivity.

Happiness at work for yourself
& your team
by Aurelie Litynski & Elodie Caucigh

Discover how to increase your happiness at work on a short & long term & learn simple well-being tools to use at your desk.

NOV 12, 2018 – Zurich

Speaker @ AWE Summit

“Turning challenges at work into happiness at work”
Discover how Aurelie turned frustration into a structured process to bring happiness back into the work environment and increase performance.

OCT. 27th 2018 – Zurich

Speaker @ Swiss Entrepreneurs Expo

“From Idea to Action”
Aurelie will share her experiences on how she turned her passion and business idea into action.

SEPT. 2nd 2018 – Zurich

Presentation & Workshop
by Aurelie Litynski

“Happiness at work – Why & How?”
Get inspired and learn more on how to increase happiness at work for yourself and your team members.

MAY 15, 2018 – Zurich