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Learn how to implement a strategy where your team’s happiness is part of your team’s culture and long-term success. In this course, you will learn how to become the Happiness Leader of your company or team, and how you can inspire others to follow you on this journey. 

Attendees are presented with today’s leading research and science-based knowledge and will receive tangible recommendations and actionable tools to improve the happiness of your workplace. This course also contains practical exercises to engage and energize participants.


Aurelie Litynski is a Chief Happiness Officer who has been trained by global experts on the topic of Happiness at Work.  Through Happitude at Work, Aurelie supports SMEs and multinational companies to boost their productivity and happiness within teams.

Based on her background, knowledge and experience, Aurelie has designed this course in a way in which leaders will gain the practical knowledge, skills and tools needed to impact teams and create a workplace culture of trust.

Find out more about Aurelie Litynski and her expertise. 

3 x half day course: 08:30 - 12:30 (CET)


We will start the course with an introductory presentation to increase the awareness of the topic of happiness at work. We will cover:

  • Definition of “happiness at work”
  • Impact of our behaviors at work
  • Correlation between happiness and performance
  • Methods to measure your team’s happiness, what to focus on and how to take action


Through positive psychology, we now understand the science behind happiness much better

  • Positive psychology: Learnings from the scientific study of happiness
  • Negativity Bias: What is it and how to reduce it at work?
  • “Happy Chemicals”: How can we boost them in the workplace?
  • How can we  train our brain and boost our positive emotions at work?


What can you do for you and your colleagues to make the workplace happier? Based on research and business cases from some of the most inspiring organizations  across the globe, we will give you specific tools and methods that you can use to immediately create a happier organization.

We will cover the following:

  • What actually makes employees happy at work?
  • How can we create more happiness at work in the short and long term? We will engage in  brainstorming sessions and discuss contemporary examples of organizations that have successfully instituted happiness practices based on scientific facts.
  • How do leaders “lead” with happiness?
  • What are the best practices and hands-on tools for increased happiness at work?


Define your personalized action plan to implement within your workplace and achieve sustainable results.

The engaging sessions and interactive exercises will allow you to formulate your own strategy, tactics and concrete steps to start building a team-culture based on trust, communication, happiness and performance.

Details Online Course: March 11, 12 & 17th 2021

Extra Takeaways

  • A group follow-up call is included in the weeks after the workshop to support you and the implementation of your action plan.
  • You will have access to our communication platform to stay in touch with Alumnis
  • The Happiness Leader Course is a combination of theory, scientific facts, interactive sessions and knowledge sharing.
  • Participants are from companies (no coaches or external consultants). This allows for optimal best practice sharing among the attendees.

Online Course

The course will be online due to actual circumstances. We will use Zoom and interactive tool to interact with each other.


  • Early Bird Price : 980 CHF
  • Full Price: 1’400 CHF 
  • Group Discount: 20% discount for three or more people
    for group discount please send us an email

3 x half day 08:30 – 12:30

To ensure a good quality of exchange among the course attendees, only people who are working in companies of five and more can sign-up for the course. This workshop is not for consultants or coaches.

Number of Participants: minimum 6, maximum 15

Cancellation & refund policy

  • 50% will be refunded if you cancel more than two months before the event.
  • 25% will be refunded if you cancel more than one month before the event.
  • No refunds less than one month before the event.
  • If you cannot attend the course, you are welcome to share your spot with a colleague.

Happitude at Work reserves the right to postpone the course if the minimum number of attendees is not reached: minimum 6