“We put together a focus group working with Aurelie on this very important topic of “Happiness at work” for the past 6 months. Starting with a 1-day workshop followed by a 6-month follow-up with regular calls with the team.

Aurelie managed the workshop brilliantly with her positive energy, her passion and bringing structure to the day: starting from icebreakers, bringing us the knowledge, leading the team with constructive brainstorming and finishing with a clear action plan to implement.

The 6-months follow-up is crucial & essential for sustainable results within the teams. Aurelie is a kind (but thorough) reminder of ensuring the momentum of the workshop stays, and actions are being taken and tracked. She has a way of making you smile and taking action by sending impactful quotes, advices or notes, which help us stay on track!

Aurelie is super passionate and enthusiastic – a great coach and facilitator – her passion and positive attitude are contagious.

Damaris O. (anonymous due to company guidance)

-> Happitude Package: 6-month program + 3-month extension

“It was amazing for me watching and feeling your enthusiasm and positivity during your keynote speech.

I thank you very much for this breath of fresh air you provided all of us.”

Marco Barsanti, Senior Vice President HSSE Asset Operations

-> Keynote Speech & Workshop for the Uniper Global Leadership Meeting (almost 500 ppl)

The Happiness Leader Course was a day full of input, exchange and inspiration.

Aurelie has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which she shared with us with joy and enthusiasm.
The day was very intense and varied. New ideas, suggestions and tools to remind us that Happiness@Work can’t be created artificially. Rather, our task is to create awareness and provide support, space and stimulation in our company that happiness comes from within ourselves.
The interaction between happy employees and the success of a company is immense.

In this sense- be the happitude!

Elena Rohn
Blackroll AG

-> Happiness Leader Course

I had the privilege to partner with Aurelie on organizing a half day Happiness Workshop in challenging times for my team.
Such a delight!

She clearly understood our needs and crafted a well-balanced program bringing Happiness theory paired with real life exercises.
Her passion, knowledge and charisma really did the trick!

Our team came out of the session energized, motivated with a positive outlook on their day to day life.
They had actionable tips and tricks to enlighten their view and reinforce the power of positivity.

Thank you Aurelie for the precious collaboration and looking forward to future partnerships.
Your session is continuing to inspire our teams and many initiatives have came out of your session

Cynthia, Interventional Business Manager Western Europe

-> Virtual Half-day Workshop

Happiness is serious matter and it was great to address it professionally; Aurelie has been able to do it in an exciting and highly motivating environment.

The interaction between us and Aurelie was the key to create awareness, reinforce conviction and most importantly to organize a plan of action.
All of us, with no exception, have actively participated, expressed great satisfaction, and are excited to get going. There is no possibility of failure with these premises and Aurelie’s support.

Aurelie, thank you so much from all of us, and also from all those who will cross their story with ours in the future; everyone will take advantage of this important and decisive step, the first of a long happy journey!

Massimo Borghesi, CFA, FRM, CIO
LFA and LFG IC – Swiss Wealth Management

-> F2F half-day workshop (20ppl)

” I had the pleasure to organize a lunch and learn session together with Aurelie for the SAP Business Women’s Network in Switzerland. Aurelie was well prepared, it was easy to plan and execute the workshop and she was a great workshop facilitator.

She engaged with the group and we became very active in discussions and her assigned exercises over lunch.
We had great takeaways like the close connection between performance and happiness.

Aurelie gave us small tips and tricks to make our workplace a happier place which can easily be implemented in the daily routine. I can recommend to work with Aurelie, when you want to better understand your team dynamics or improve the teams performance she is the right one to engage.”

Leona Tscherter, Consulting Director DACH
SAP Customer Experience

-> Lunch & Learn Session

” I strongly believe that “our happiness is our responsibility” as Aurelie Litynski also stated in her keynote, during our Global Leadership Meeting. However, we can not underestimate the external support and guidance in keeping up the positive mindset, especially during change.

Aurelie’s contribution to our leadership meeting – both the keynote and the deep dive during the breakout – was highly appreciated. The time which we spent with common preparation was a good investment- and also fun. I am honoured to get to know Aurelie and introducing her happy attitude to our leaders.

Zsófia Klein, Management Communication Expert

-> Keynote Speech & Workshop for the Uniper Global Leadership Meeting (almost 500 ppl)

A huge thank you to Aurélie for her webinar which was a great success with our employees.

She was able to transmit, with a lot of positive energy, very good advice to boost their daily well-being.

Garance Lehmann – Spécialiste RH
Vaudoise Assurances

 -> 2 Webinars

With our Western Europe community, we engaged in a super inspirational Happinesss @ Work Talk with Aurelie, working out what makes us happy at work, what are our personal drivers for happiness at work, and which actions we take to boost our happiness at work.

Very tangible, very actionable, very happy 😊 – therefore, can highly recommend

Communications Head Western Europe
Global Leading Consumer Healthcare Company

-> Inspirational Session

As part of our Diversity 360 agenda, Aurelie led us through an interactive session with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity, which inspired us to live our daily work with more commitment, joy, structure and efficiency.

Together we identified methods to make our workplace a happier and more contented place.
Thank you, Aurelie!

Ruth Helfenstein
Hitachi Energy

-> Webinar

Aurelie gave a webinar on happiness in the forefront of our FutureHealth 2021 conference.

It was great working with her on the preparation of the webinar and the content was tailored to our needs and fit well with our expectations.

During the webinar, Aurelie interacted regularly with the audience and presented in a very engaging manner.

The webinar was highly appreciated by our audience and was mentioned several times as a highlight of the conference.

Samuel Kilchenmann
Swiss Economic Forum

 -> Webinar Future Health Basel

Your working session with our company was very inspiring, it helped us to understand the impact of happiness at work and gave us a lot of concrete and practical tips on how to improve further the happiness of our employees.
We really liked your energy, professionalism and your openness about your own experiences. It was really a pleasure to work with you!

Top 10 International Pharmaceutical Company
(anonymous due to company guidance)

-> Keynote Speech & Workshops (60 ppl)

It is a pleasure to work with Aurélie.
Her “positive attitude” is contagious and she is a fantastic relay for Promotion Santé Suisse to raise awareness of the importance of Happiness@work.
Her approach is very pragmatic and I am looking forward to continuing to benefit from his valuable advice.

David Grandjean
Promotion Santé Suisse / Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz

-> Keynote Speaker for the Label Ceromony Friendly Work Place


It was a pleasure to work with Aurelie: Not only is she very determined and highly professional but also super passionate about her topic and full of positive energy.

She is a great speaker who immediately catches the audience’s attention and convince people by her science-based arguments as well as her dynamic storytelling skills.

I hope we get the opportunity to work together anytime soon to spark the working world with her knowledge, skills and energy.

Lena Schwerzmann – Future Work Expert
Founder of SPOT ON

Aurélie is a unique and passionate person!

I had the opportunity to participate and organize a few webinars and keynotes with Aurélie as panelists or presenters.
I was impressed by her knowledge and ease in talking about happiness and motivating her audience, whether behind a camera or in front of a large audience.

Nothing is left to chance, either in terms of preparation, content development, or execution.
It is a real pleasure to collaborate with Aurélie, and I look forward to her next event.

Ludovic Pureur – Director, International Partnerships
Virgin Pulse

It was inspiring, very hands on and actionable webinar, I loved it!

And congrats on getting so much engagement from the people during the webinar. There are so many other webinars where people disconnect quite soon but the way you structured it, you were able to capture the audience. Well done!

Attendee Future Health Basel Webinar

I attended Aurelie’s Webinar on boosting happiness at work and I found it absolutely fantastic!

I picked up some great ideas and really enjoyed the interactive element of the session.
I look forward to seeing what Aurelie has in store for the future.

Lara Roussel – Culture & Engagement Manager
Black Swan Data

Her passion and energy was really inspiring. She was engaging and sharing with us some very useful tips I could implement with my team right away.
She shared her mission to bring awareness about the importance of the attitude of happiness at work, helping leaders to improve the performance, satisfaction, and well-being of their teams at the same time. Her ideas and determination are really contagious!

Thamara Emanuele, Director of Tours Operations Support
EF Education First

-> Speaker @ Hacking HR Zurich – 100 people

“It was a great event, interesting take-aways, and your presentation style is very engaging and welcoming”

Bianca Legoretta – Business Development Lead

-> Attendee Workshop Happiness at Work

Thank you so much for this engaging webinar of great structure, content, design and delivery.

Not often in these past months of online overload have I seen such a well-crafted webinar!

Natascha Katzwinkel

-> Attendee Webinar Virgin Pulse

Thanks very much for this great webinar, Aurelie!
It was a wonderful session, and it served as a fantastic reminder for all the small but effective ways we can make our workplace a happier place to be!

Nicole Larner
Financial Consultant

-> Attendee Webinar Virgin Pulse

The content of Aurelie’s speech was science based, well elaborated and inspirational.
With her authentic way of presenting, she was able to catch the attention of the audience and to deliver practical and impactful messages, for everyone to take directly to the workplace and starting implementing.

Aurelie managed to make the topic of Happiness at Work very tangible and business oriented.

Renata Kaluzna, CEO & Founder
Founder of Powermeetings.eu 

-> Speaker at the International Happiness at Work Summit in Warsaw – 150 people

Aurelie is a super professional. Her presentation was clear, interesting, and to the point.
It is opening a door for corporates to improve performance and well-being of its employees at the same time. I am certain that Aurelie will make a difference in many companies. She introduced simple, efficient solutions to enhance company’s growth and development.

Her passion for people, mindfulness and focusing on making a company thrives combined with her top-notch professionalism is a very good recipe for success. Bravo Aurelie for introducing this new concept of Chief Happiness Officer!

Sophie Neuhut
Marketing Director, Head of Client Management