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MY TEDx: "How to be truly happy at work"

Need a boost of happiness at work?
Watch my TEDx talk on how to be truly happy at work :

In fact, I did perform my TEDx talk two times:

Due to the pandemic and to assure top notch quality for Youtube, TEDxZurich recorded the speech in a professional studio before the actual event day.

Then, I performed it in front of an audience of 300 people

Pictures - TEDx on stage

Pictures - TEDx in recording studio

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Share my talk with your network, friends, colleagues or… even your boss 😊
Someone might relate to my message and might need a boost of happiness at work!


To share my talk, I made things easy for you:

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Here is a short message you can send with the TEDx video:

“You might like this TEDx talk!
Who doesn’t need a boost of happiness at work?
Aurelie Litynski shares simple yet effective techniques to be truly happy at work”


“ Are you the driver of your happiness at work?
This TEDx talk by Aurelie Litynski made me think!
She shares interesting tips on how to become happier at our jobs.  

Take a quick coffee break and watch it !
We all deserve a boost of happiness”




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Or longer versions to inspire even more 😊

Do you need a boost of happiness at work? Watch this TEDx talk.

Aurelie Litynski is a happiness at work expert and in her talk she shares her expertise on how to boost happiness in the workplace.
She offers us simple yet effective techniques we can all do to be the driver of our happiness at work.

Her main takeaways are:

  • Negativity is contagious, hack your brain to become more positive
  • Your happiness is your own responsibility
  • Know your main drivers of your happiness at work to take action

Watch the full talk to  discover more!


Can happiness in the workplace have an influence on the business?

One may say that happiness is not a serious concern for  companies. But in fact: high engagement and productivity are the results of happiness at work.

Happiness starts at an individual level, however we all need to be on board to create a sustainable positive culture in companies.

Watch this TEDx Talk from Aurelie Litynski, an expert in the field of happiness at work.



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Define YOUR drivers!

Ready To Define your Main Drivers of Happiness at Work ?

Take this free self-assessment quiz to define them and receive my tips to boost your happiness.

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