Transforming the workplace through happiness




Increase employees happiness


Happy employees are more productive, more engaged, more collaborative, more creative,
less likely to be absent and more likely to produce high-quality work for your organization.

Happiness is the basis in our private life – so it should be at work!


Aurélie Litynski

Happiness at Work Expert
Founder of Happitude at Work
Founder of Happicards
TEDx Speaker

Let’s work together to boost productivity and happiness within your team!


In order to be happier, more productive and more engaged, employees need to be free from distraction, frustration and stress. Often, anxiety is personal and sometimes, stress can be compounded at work for a variety of reasons. My focus is on helping companies first detect what is causing workplace stress, stalling creativity and hindering productivity, and then provide leaders and their teams with the science of happiness, today’s best practices and proven tools to boost morale and productivity — through happiness.

I will guide you and your employees through analysis, brainstorming and proven practical application to motivate, empower and engage employees.


Positive Neuroplasticity,
Rick Hanson, 2021 (ongoing)
Speak and Inspire, Lisa Nichols, 2021
Becoming Focused and “Indistractable”, Nir Eyal, 2021
The Science of Well-Being, Yale University, Laurie Santos Professor Psychology, 2020
The Science of Happiness with EDX Berkeley University of California, Dacher Ketlner,  2019
Certified Partner from Woohoo Inc, one of the world’s leading experts on happiness at work
The Chief Happiness Officer Academy with Alexander Kjerulf Woohoo Inc, June 2019
The Foundations of Happiness at work with EDX Berkeley University of California, Dacher Ketlner,  2018
Happiness at work Masterclass for coaches at Fabrique Spinoza, Paris 2018
– Training in Public Speaking & Mentoring at Speak Up and Lead Academy with Tulia Lopes, Zurich 2018
Chief Happiness Officer Masterclass at Happyformance with Laurence Vahnée, Paris, 2017
Certified Scrum Master with Joe Justice and Jeff Sutherland, Zurich 2016
Advanced Agile with Alistair Cockburn, 2016


Aurelie gave a webinar on happiness in the forefront of our FutureHealth 2021 conference.

It was great working with her on the preparation of the webinar and the content was tailored to our needs and fit well with our expectations.

During the webinar, Aurelie interacted regularly with the audience and presented in a very engaging manner.

The webinar was highly appreciated by our audience and was mentioned several times as a highlight of the conference.

Samuel Kilchenmann
Swiss Economic Forum



Aurélie is a unique and passionate person!

I was impressed by her knowledge and ease in talking about happiness and motivating her audience, whether behind a camera or in front of a large audience.

Nothing is left to chance, either in terms of preparation, content development, or execution.
It is a real pleasure to collaborate with Aurélie, and I look forward to her next event.

Ludovic Pureur
Virgin Pulse

As part of our Diversity 360 agenda, Aurelie led us through an interactive session with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity, which inspired us to live our daily work with more commitment, joy, structure and efficiency.

Together we identified methods to make our workplace a happier and more contented place.
Thank you, Aurelie!

Ruth Helfenstein
Hitachi Energy

“We put together a focus group working with Aurelie for the past 6 months. Starting with a 1-day workshop followed by a 6-month follow-up.
Aurelie managed the workshop brilliantly with her positive energy, her passion, bringing structure to the day and finishing with a clear action plan to implement.

The 6-months follow-up is crucial & essential for sustainable results within the teams.”

Damaris O.




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