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Why do we need to create Happiness Leaders in companies?

No… it’s not to organise after-work drinks, nice decor, yoga classes, games or team buildings.

You might think that it sounds crazy to have someone taking care of the employees’ happiness… but in most companies it is needed!


Because unfortunately in many companies we forgot the basis.

We need to create more awareness about the importance of simple acts and behaviours which can make a difference in the workplace.

Of course over the last decades our working conditions have improved, however many employees perceive their professional situation as declining. There is more and more frustration at work, the number of burnouts, bore-out, brown-out increase constantly.

Nowadays it is not enough to have a fair salary, an appropriate title and additional benefits. Once these basics are reached, other things become more important to be truly happy at work:



This is where the Happiness Leader can help!


She or he will drive the company to create and implement an environment where all of the above will be part of the company’s culture and not an exception.


A free canteen and cool company events are not enough to create a true sensation of happiness in the workplace. A real Happiness Leader does not necessarily need to be part of the management, as long as she or he is backed by decision-makers and has the authority to drive change. 

Nevertheless, we are ALL responsable for our own happiness.

It is not the job of the Happiness Leader to make us happy, but sometimes companies need a specific person to remind us of the foundations, inspire and support us to act and actually implement it.

The Happiness Leader will have a great impact ONLY IF the company is sincere in the process and ready to take action. We need top leaders to be on board if we want to achieve long lasting happiness and sustainable results.

And let’s face it, having more happiness in the workplace is at the end a WIN-WIN situation for the employees & the companies. (read my previous article for more details).

It’s not that hard to be happy at work. It starts with common sense, but we all need to be aware of it.


Are you ready to become the Happiness Leader of your company or team?

Learn with us on March 20th in Zurich how you can actually implement a strategy of happiness at work and inspire your colleagues to follow you on this journey.

This full day course will allow you to formulate your own strategy (adapted for your team), define tactics and take concrete steps to start building a team culture around trust, communication, happiness and healthy performance.

Sometimes we need to have a game changer to take action…

Be this person for your team!

Aurelie Litynski is a Chief Happiness Officer and Founder of Happitude at work. Her mission is increase the awareness on happiness at work in companies and help leaders and employees being successful by creating more work-related happiness in their teams.

Are you interested to implement a strategy where your teams happiness is part of your company’s culture? Let’s get in touch!

Aurelie Litynski writes articles on the topic of happiness at work. You will find them all her Linkedin page.