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Remember the days when you used to think working from home would be so nice?
Managing your schedule to suit you, spend more time with your family, exercise daily…
Now it’s 2021 and you miss the good old days chatting with colleagues over coffee, having face-to-face discussions and sticking a thank you note on someone’s computer.
But guess what, you are not alone. We are all feeling the pandemic fatigue and wondering when we will be able to return to normal and grab a drink with teammates at the end of the day.

Why do we miss human interaction at work?

There’s no denying it, working remotely is tough on mental health and some people have a harder time coping with it.
Before COVID, it was easy to stop by a coworker’s desk, brainstorm, exchange small talk and share our frustration. Today, work is impersonal, we sit alone in front of a desk and work calls need to be efficient. Now, unless it’s on the agenda most teams forget to show appreciation for each other’s work and express thanks to one another.

I realized people need a simple and easy way to say: “thank you,” “great job,” or “congrats on your win!”
This basic need to connect to others and feel seen while we are working from home can seem superfluous, but as we already know, happy employees perform better and are more efficient.

In the last 20 years, researchers in positive psychology have shown that sending recognition, expressing appreciation and gratitude to colleagues is the most effective way to increase workplace happiness and satisfaction. Just like positive reinforcement, giving positive feedback fosters good work relationships, enhances trust and communication, and increases productivity.

Still not convinced that happier employees lead to higher productivity? Let’s check the studies!

It’s good for business to have a happy team!

With Happitude at Work, I’ve been supporting clients in boosting  their team’s motivation, positivity and efficiency despite the COVID situation.
It quickly became evident that connecting via calls and emails didn’t bridge the gap. Something was missing, that human connection that makes us feel good, appreciated and laugh.

So I decided to come up with something for sharing professional recognition cards that will make people smile.

Just like sending a virtual Kudos!

What’s a Kudos you might ask?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a Kudos is a praise and honour received for an achievement.

However, unlike a formal shout-out during conference calls or feedback forms some large organizations use, I wanted this to have the fun Happitude at Work vibe!

That’s how, HAPPICARDS came to be, it’s a Kudos card supercharged with playfulness and laughter.

Happicards aren’t your grandma’s greeting card, unless she’s funny and cheers on her coworkers!  

How can we combat pandemic slump in the workplace?

The good news is that you can become your own team’s happiness ambassador!

Here’s 3 easy and straightforward ways to spread wellbeing and cheer while working remotely:


Just like we used to do around the water cooler, it’s a way to check-in with your colleagues on an emotional level.
Grab your phone, go for a walk and take the time to ask them:

  • How have you been feeling?
  • Are you feeling stressed?
  • Do you need some support?


At the end of your next team call, take 5 minutes to share as some of the tips and tricks you have found to make remote work more bearable.

  • What are good ways to destress?
  • How do you “leave work” at the end of the day?
  • How do you keep your kids busy while you’re working?



Cheer a colleague or an employee with one of our digital gratitude cards to show your recognition or appreciation for their work and contribution to the team.

It takes just 2 minutes!

Aurelie Litynski is a Chief Happiness Officer and Founder of Happitude at work.
Her mission is increase the awareness on happiness at work in companies and help leaders and employees being successful by creating more work-related happiness in their teams.

Are you interested to implement a strategy where your teams happiness is part of your company’s culture? Let’s get in touch!

Aurelie Litynski writes articles on the topic of happiness at work. You will find them all her Linkedin page.

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