Aurelie Litynski

Chief Happiness Officer & Founder of
Happitude at work

WHY is the topic of happiness at work so important to me?

Like most of us, I have faced frustrations at work. As an employee, I wished that managers and co-workers had a better understanding of the impact that their attitude had on the work environment, our motivation and our health. I also felt the need to have more opportunities to communicate & brainstorm as a team on what could be improved in our daily work.

It seemed to me that many people needed the right setting to express their ideas and share insights in a constructive way. Unfortunately, most of the time the environment and the timing was not appropriate. This resulted in a team that was not working in harmony, tasks that were not completed in the best way possible, and a culture that did not support openness amongst the employees.

I was convinced that if open communication & brainstorming could have helped me in the past, it could help many others in similar situations.

This is why I decided to start Happitude at work; to create an opportunity for teams to improve their work environment and to create an opportunity for companies to bring up crucial topics that can help them increase their competitive advantage and thereby make a difference for themselves in the market.

I want to help you increase your company’s performance by improving your team’s happiness at work.

WHO AM I? Get to know me through my 3 "roles" in life

Aurelie – Mother of 2 girls

Being a working mum since 2012 was one of my greatest challenges. Juggling work, home, the kids’ schedule, last minute meetings is extremely hard, even more so without our families close by to support us.

It made me realize as well how important it is to feel good at work, empowered, motivated and to be in a nice working environment in order to keep our energy & motivation level as high as possible.

Aurelie – Business Woman

Being an active business woman was always a topic for me. Since an early age I loved to have responsibilities and to be challenged, I started to work as a trainee when I was 15 years old and entered the real business world when I was only 19.

The most important aspect for me at work was to create strong bonds with my colleagues; to be able to have an open communication with all of them. I needed to be part of a real team, a community. Being far from home contributed to the urge of creating my second “family” at work.

My true self

I am a true family person and love socializing with friends!

Brainstorming with my husband on so many business topics is a passion of mine – he’s my best buddy and supporter!
I love dancing. I can start with ballet, do a salsa intermezzo & finish off on electronic beats.
When I am not rock climbing with the whole family you might find me traveling or enjoying French Gastronomy.



– The Foundations of Happiness at work with EDX Berkeley University of California 2018

– Happiness at work Masterclass for coaches at Fabrique Spinoza, Paris 2018

– Training in Public Speaking & Mentoring at Speak Up and Lead Academy with Tulia Lopes, Zurich 2018

– Chief Happiness Officer Masterclass at Happyformance with Laurence Vahnée, Paris, 2017

Certified Scrum Master with Joe Justice and Jeff Sutherland, Zurich 2016

Advanced Agile with Alistair Cockburn, 2016

I am originally from the south of France. After living in France, UK and Canada, I moved to Switzerland, and I am here for 10 years now.
Before creating my own company, I gathered almost 15 years of experience in international businesses:
– Event management focused on corporate events
– Marketing & Sales – Business development
– Project Management

I recently created the Meetup group “Happiness @ work – Zurich”, a community where business professionals share ideas, talk about their experience with the topic and brainstorm together on how to improve the work environment.



Nov. 2018: Meetup Happiness @ Work – Zurich
Happiness at work for yourself & your team

Oct. 2018: AWE Summit
“From Challenges at Work to Happiness at Work”

Sept. 2018: Swiss Entrepreneurs Expo
“From Idea to Action”

May 2018: Meetup Happiness @ Work – Zurich
“Happiness at work: Why & How?”

2019: Event Team Leader for the Professional Women’s Group Seminar (more info to come soon)

2018: Event Manager for the Professional Women’s Group Seminar at the Women’s Expo.