” I strongly believe that “our happiness is our responsibility” as Aurelie Litynski also stated in her keynote, during our Global Leadership Meeting. However, we can not underestimate the external support and guidance in keeping up the positive mindset, especially during change.

Aurelie’s contribution to our leadership meeting – both the keynote and the deep dive during the breakout – was highly appreciated. The time which we spent with common preparation was a good investment- and also fun. I am honoured to get to know Aurelie and introducing her happy attitude to our leaders.

Zsófia Klein, Management Communication Expert

-> Keynote Speech & Workshop for the Uniper Global Leadership Meeting (almost 500 ppl)

” I had the pleasure to organize a lunch and learn session together with Aurelie for the SAP Business Women’s Network in Switzerland. Aurelie was well prepared, it was easy to plan and execute the workshop and she was a great workshop facilitator.

She engaged with the group and we became very active in discussions and her assigned exercises over lunch.
We had great takeaways like the close connection between performance and happiness.

Aurelie gave us small tips and tricks to make our workplace a happier place which can easily be implemented in the daily routine. I can recommend to work with Aurelie, when you want to better understand your team dynamics or improve the teams performance she is the right one to engage.”

Leona Tscherter, Consulting Director DACH
SAP Customer Experience

-> Lunch & Learn Session

“Aurélie facilitated a ‘happiness at work’ workshop for our team in June 2018. She showed tremendous understanding of team dynamics and proved her expertise of guiding a team towards a productive and constructive outcome.

The result of the workshop was a better clarity of problems and solutions which helped us take the right measures towards adjusted and more realistic goals. I can highly recommend to book such a workshop to anyone who wants to lead his team not only to more happiness but also to a higher performance.”

Peter Metzinger, Owner & Managing Director
Business Campaigning GmbH

-> Full day workshop (Happitude Package)

“We had the pleasure and honor to be one of Aurélie’s first clients in her new role as Chief Happiness Officer. She gave an inspirational talk and energized all of us with her charisma, dedication and know-how.

During the following workshop, it was amazing to see how under Aurélie’s guidance the team opened up, developed new ideas and gave constructive feedback. The communication between all of us and the understanding within the team has increased noticeably. She has the Happiness at Work”

Isabel Vischer & Roman Merkt
Vischer, Merkt & Partner AG

-> Full day workshop (Happitude Package)

Your working session with our company was very inspiring, it helped us to understand the impact of happiness at work and gave us a lot of concrete and practical tips on how to improve further the happiness of our employees.
We really liked your energy, professionalism and your openness about your own experiences. It was really a pleasure to work with you!

International Pharmaceutical company
(anonymous due to company guidance)

-> Keynote Speech & Workshops


“This workshop is a MUST for any team, that wants to become a better team. There is no magic or new scientific revolution but Aurelie brings obvious but hidden topics to the table any team should talk about.

In a personal, stressless atmosphere we discussed elephants in the room, what we need to be more happy with ourselves and within the team and made proposals for improvements which later on where discussed with management.
With her enthusiastic, open and very dedicated manner Aurelie was the perfect facilitator and host for this session and continues to be our very talented happiness mentor!”

Monika Spichty, Project Manager
Vischer, Merkt & Partner AG

-> Full day workshop (Happitude Package)

“I had the pleasure of meeting Aurelie in a workshop she was co-leading and facilitating. Aurelie transmits tremendous passion through her presentations, her involvement of others and her embedded desire to bring happiness to the workplace.

Her enthusiasm is infectious and I am convinced that Aurelie‘s leadership will continues to drive positive change in many organisations. I sincerely look forward to our next collaborations.”

Amr Mustapha
Marketing Director EMEA

-> 1h30 Awareness Workshop


The content of Aurelie’s speech was science based, well elaborated and inspirational.
With her authentic way of presenting, she was able to catch the attention of the audience and to deliver practical and impactful messages, for everyone to take directly to the workplace and starting implementing.

Aurelie managed to make the topic of Happiness at Work very tangible and business oriented.

Renata Kaluzna, CEO & Founder
Founder of Powermeetings.eu 

-> Speaker at the International Happiness at Work Summit in Warsaw – 150 people

Aurelie is a super professional. Her presentation was clear, interesting, and to the point.
It is opening a door for corporates to improve performance and well-being of its employees at the same time. I am certain that Aurelie will make a difference in many companies. She introduced simple, efficient solutions to enhance company’s growth and development.

Her passion for people, mindfulness and focusing on making a company thrives combined with her top-notch professionalism is a very good recipe for success. Bravo Aurelie for introducing this new concept of Chief Happiness Officer!

Sophie Neuhut
Marketing Director, Head of Client Management

Aurelie is on a mission. An important mission to bring an attitude of happiness in the work place. I recently attended Aurelie’s workshop and found some useful golden nuggets, simple ideas that can make a world of difference to the levels of happiness in the workplace.

She was engaging and connected well with her audience, her passion for change evident in the way she talked and presented her work. I’d highly recommend Aurelie because it’s time to bring a different attitude into the workplace and Aurelie can help you do just that.

Dina Blanco-Ioannou
Burnout to Brilliance

Her passion and energy was really inspiring. She was engaging and sharing with us some very useful tips I could implement with my team right away.
She shared her mission to bring awareness about the importance of the attitude of happiness at work, helping leaders to improve the performance, satisfaction, and well-being of their teams at the same time. Her ideas and determination are really contagious!

Thamara Emanuele, Director of Tours Operations Support
EF Education First

-> Speaker @ Hacking HR Zurich – 100 people

Interesting, inspiring and motivating! Sincere congratulations for this great event, I really enjoyed it.”

Yoan Roux
Product Line Manager

“It was a great event, interesting take-aways, and your presentation style is very engaging and welcoming

Bianca Legoretta
Business Development Lead

“Great event – thanks for organising it and spreading this beautiful message of happiness at work.

Katharina Piwek
Customer Success Manager

“Extremely interesting and dynamic.”

Geraldine Poukens
Head of Beauty, EMEA