Happitude at work can shape the workshop and address different topics depending on your needs, goals and interests.

The duration of the workshop can be customized. From an 1h to half a day or a full day, Happitude at work will adapt the workshop content depending on the time available.

The goal of this workshop is to:

  • Inform, inspire and give hands-on tools to start making a difference at the workplace by having more awareness & paying more attention to the teams‘ happiness.
  • Spread the strategy of “happiness at work” step by step

It can be as well organised on a regular basis in order to build a community where employees can learn, share, brainstorm and find solutions on how they can improve the happiness at work for themselves and their teams.

The crucial step for a true belief in the concept of “happiness at work” is a factual and scientific understanding of what humans need to be happy and how more happiness at work can be beneficial for your teams and your company as a whole. 

Different topics will be addressed such as:

  • Why is happiness at work crucial
  • Science behind happiness
  • Correlation of happiness & performance
  • Generations in the work place
  • How to measure your teams’ happiness
  • How can we bring more happiness at work on a short & long term
  • 6 Pillars to increase performance through happiness

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